1. Spiritual Initiations

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul says, “The probationary path precedes the path of initiation and marks the period in the life of a person when he definitely sets himself on the side of the forces of evolution and works at the building of his own character.  He takes himself in hand, cultivates the qualities that are lacking in his disposition, and seeks, with diligence, to bring his personality under control.  He is building the causal body (soul body) with deliberate intent, filling any gaps that may exist and seeking to make it a fit receptacle for the Christ principle.”

The probationary path might be likened to the nine months of gestation prior to the birth hour.  The birth hour would mark the beginning of the first initiation.  The person on the probationary path is taught principally to know himself, to ascertain his weaknesses, and to correct them.  The spiritual aspirant is taught the basics of Divine wisdom and is entered into the final grades in the Hall of Learning.

Each spiritual aspirant is known to a Master and is in the care of the disciples of that Master.  Classes are held by initiates of the first and second degree for accepted disciples and for those on probation between the hours of ten and five every night in all parts of the world.  They gather in the Hall of Learning and the method is much the same as in the big universities.  Classes at certain hours, experimental work, examinations, a gradual moving up and onward as tests are passed.  All are graded and charted.  Each of us is recognized by the brilliance of our Light.  We are graded, therefore, according to the magnitude of the Light, the rate of vibration, the purity of the tone and the clarity of the color of our aura.

A great deal of training is given to a probationer without his really recognizing it consciously.  The probationer usually does recognize three things:

  1. Increased mental activity,
  2. Increased responsiveness to ideas and increased capacity to envision the plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy,
  3. Increased psychic sensitiveness.

Only those disciples, who seek initiation because of the added power to help and bless others, will find a response to their desire.  Selfish motive must not enter into it.  Many people who are regarded as initiates are only endeavoring to be initiates.  They are not, however, real initiates; they are those well-meaning people whose mental understanding outruns the power of their personalities to practice. (The Complete Ascension Manual; How to Achieve Ascension in this Lifetime; by Joshua David Stone, Ph.D. Chapter 3, pgs. 21-28; This Article is found in NOT GONE, Prelude to a New Beginning by Catherine Kapahi, Ph.D. pgs 202-203.)

2. Seven Great Rays of God

The seven rays are the first differentiation of God in manifestation and they provide the entire field of His expression in manifested form.  The seven rays are embodiments of seven types of force which demonstrate seven qualities of God.  These seven qualities have a sevenfold effect upon matter and form in all parts of God’s infinite universe.  The seven great rays are embodiments of seven great beings.  These are:

  1. The Lord of Power or Will
  2. The Lord of Love/Wisdom
  3. The Lord of Active Intelligence
  4. The Lord of Harmony, Beauty, and Art
  5. The Lord of Concrete Knowledge and Science
  6. The Lord of Devotion and Idealism
  7. The Lord of Ceremonial Order or Magic

The rays are, in truth, quite a complex subject and there are many ways of and frames of reference for understanding them.  The study of the rays is almost an unknown science in our world.  The understanding of the rays may be the single most important spiritual science for understanding oneself and the world as a whole.  It is these rays that govern all of creation.

The Rays of Aspect and the Rays of Attribute

Djwhal Khul, in his writings, has divided the seven great rays into categories called the rays of aspect and the rays of attribute.

Rays of Aspect:

  1. 1st ray of Power, Will or Purpose
  2. 2nd ray of Love/Wisdom
  3. 3rd ray of Active, Creative Intelligence

Rays of Attribute:

  1. 4th ray of harmony through Conflict, Beauty, or Art
  2. 5th ray of Concrete Science or Knowledge
  3. 6th ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion
  4. 7th ray of Ceremonial Order, Magic, Ritual, or Organization

The Ray of Structure of Every Incarnated Human Being.

Every soul extension that incarnates onto the Earth plane is made up of six rays.  Everyone has a separate ray for the monad, soul, personality, mind, emotions, and physical body.

The monadic ray and soul ray are basically the same throughout all of the person’s incarnations.  The rest of the rays can change from lifetime to lifetime.  Every incarnated personality is found upon one of these seven rays.  Soul extensions with soul rays found upon the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh rays must blend with the first three major rays after they pass the third initiation.  However, the monadic ray of every incarnated personality is one of the first three rays.

In the unevolved person, the rays of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies dominate.  As the person develops a more self-actualized personality, then the personality ray becomes dominant and the three body rays become subordinated to it.

As the person continues to evolve, he begins to become polarized in the soul.  A battle occurs between the lower self and the higher self, or between personality ray and the soul ray.  As the soul ray begins to dominate and win this battle, and the disciple begins to gain self-mastery over the personality, then the personality ray becomes subordinate to the soul ray.

Now each of the seven groups of souls is responsive to the ray of the Planetary Logos (Sanat Kumara) who is on the third ray.  In truth, we are all on a subray of his ray, just as he is on a subray of the Solar Logos (Helios) who is on the second ray.  Helios is on a subray of the Galactic Logos, and the Galactic Logos is on a subray of the Universal logos (Melchizedek).  This process continues all the way back to the Godhead.  All of creation is on a subray of the Godhead.  Each level is stepped down in hierarchical fashion.

People who have a two, four, or six ray structure, usually tend to be more introverted and spiritually focused.  People with a one, three, five, or seven ray structure tend to be more extroverted and focused on form and the concrete world level.  When a soul extension is two-thirds along his or her spiritual path, the soul ray begins to govern the personality.  It is to the benefit of every aspirant and disciple to try to come to an understanding of the six rays that make up his spiritual constitution.

The personality ray finds its major activity in the physical body.  The soul ray finds its specific influence in the astral body.  The monadic ray finds its specific influence in the mental body.  The personality ray causes the attitude of separateness.  The soul ray facilitates the attitude of group consciousness and detachment from the form side of life.  The monadic ray can be felt only after the third initiation and brings in the will aspect of the Creator.

These rays have an incredibly powerful effect on every human being’s life.  The physical body ray greatly determines the features of the physical body.  The rays determine the quality of the emotional body and greatly affect the nature of the mind.

The rays predispose every person to certain strengths and certain weaknesses.  Certain attitudes of mind are easy for one ray type and extremely difficult for another.  This is why the incarnating personality changes ray structure from life to life until all qualities are developed and demonstrated.

Given these facts, knowledge of the rays is absolutely essential to knowing thyself, and such knowledge is also essential to the entire field of psychology.  What is absolutely mind-blowing is that in the field of psychology on the Earth today, there is absolutely no understanding of the rays.  That is one of the many reasons psychology is not very effective at this time.

The reason the rays are not understood is that there is almost no understanding of the soul.  Of all the forms of psychology taught in schools and practiced by licensed professionals, 98% are separated and cut off from soul and monadic levels of consciousness.  The new wave of the future will be the study of transpersonal, or spiritual psychology.

It is not only people who have rays.  Countries, cities, groups, and organizations also have rays.  Usually, however, these are limited to just a soul ray and a personality ray.  Most of the countries on Earth are still operating out of their personality rays.

When the soul ray is able to focus fully through an individual, then the disciple is ready to take the third initiation.  The personality ray is then occultly extinguished.  The dweller on the threshold has been subjugated and mastered.  It is the soul that chooses the rays for incarnated soul extensions, or personalities, each lifetime.

Each ray works primarily through one chakra.  A knowledge of ray structure provides great insight in one’s character, strengths, and weaknesses, in the same way an accurate astrological horoscope can.  The study of esoteric psychology and the science of the twelve rays is as important as the study of astrology.  In truth, it may even be more important, given the fact that the rays, on a more cosmic level, even affect, influence, and predate the creation of stars and constellations throughout God’s infinite universe.

It is important to understand that a person ca utilize all the rays whether he has them in his ray structure or not.  One can call forth any of the twelve rays and their qualities for personal and planetary service. (The Complete Ascension Manual; How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime; Chapter 10, by Joshua, David Stone, Ph.D., pgs 115-118; This Article is found in NOT GONE, Prelude to a New Beginning by Catherine Kapahi, Ph.D. pgs 202-203.)